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    Semi-Fitted Wardrobes

    4 standard widths: 45, 50, 90, 100 cm … endlessly expandable!

Our wardrobe system Dimension-4 convinces with great attentions to details. Single hinged and folding door elements can be attached. Thanks to corner-robes, shelf units for intermediate installation and made-to-measure option, Dimension-4 fits into ever room concept. Different front optics and a wide range of colours and material offer large variations.

You have no secrets but do not want everything in your closet to be accessible for everyone? Then you'd choose Dimension-4 as hinged door wardrobe with a lock. Besides plain front variants (front 1), there are also fronts with trims available (front 2). But you can also have both front variants with a mirror instead.

But there's more to Dimension-4: modern glass overlays, high polish surfaces and ingenous handle solutions add the special something. If you like mixed materials, you'd choose hinged or folding door wardrobes with a handle. Dimension-4 combines coloured glass overlays with plain decor surfaces (front 3), with trims (front 5), or with trims and waist-high panels (front 6). Front variation #4 offers high polished surfaces. All front variations can be combined with mirrored doors.

All of Dimension-4's advantages at a glance:

  • Hinged and folding door wardrobes
  • door fronts with plain surfaces, trims, or trims with wais high panels
  • decor surfaces, crystal mirrors, high polish surfaces and high quality glass overlays
  • 2 height: 226, 239 cm
  • 2 depths: 45, 64 cm
  • 4 standard widths: 45, 50, 90, 100 cm … endlessly expandable!
  • lock for hinged doors, multiple handle variations
  • panorama-elements (no dividing panels)
  • 3 solutions for corners
  • wardrobe and shelf units with or without drawers
  • made-to-measure for special room concepts
  • individual accessories
  • matching beds and pieces

Dimension-4 on display in our Newport store only.