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Caring For Your New Leather Suite Sofa & Chairs How Do I Care For My Leather Furniture?
by George Street Furnishers - 09/11/2018

How Do I Care For My Leather Furniture From George Street Furnishers . The key to keeping your leather sofas and chairs clean, and also well maintained is regular careful attention.

How to Choose Carpet and Flooring for Any Room
by George Street Furnishers - 28/07/2017

At George Street Furnishers we can help you select the best flooring and carpets for your home and your family.

Guide to Buying a Barbecue
by George Street Furnishers - 07/07/2017

Whether it’s charcoal or gas, large or portable, open-sided or covered, George Street Furnishers are here to help you with your summer cooking.

Buy A Mattress How to Buy the Right Mattress
by George Street Furnishers - 13/06/2017

How to Buy the Right Mattress. George Street Furnishers know that buying a new mattress will mean making some important decisions. You’ll need to consider what type of mattress you want and how much you want to spend, after all this is where you’ll be sle

Kettler Outdoor Furniture Our Top Five Tips For Buying Garden Furniture
by George Street Furnishers - 12/05/2017

Whatever your budget, style or space limitations, George Street Furnishers can help you pick the right items for your garden this summer.