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Series Five Round Hot Tub

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(Dia)215 x (H)92 cms
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1 - 2 Weeks
25 Stainless Steel Jets
2 Pumps
5 - 7 Adults
1480 Litres
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5 Years Guarantee
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The Series Five Round Hot Tub gives all the social benefits of a traditional hot tub. Traditional hot tubs, with their round design are great for socialising, but they lack the energy efficiency and hydrotherapy benefits of modern spa pools. The Series Five Round offers the best of both worlds. An ideal choice for those requiring a large number of adults and children to use the hot tub with the extra deep design.

Modern hydrotherapy

The Series Five Round Hot Tub round design is aesthetically pleasing and allows you to socialise easily with friends and family. At the same time, it’s modern control system, insulation and 25 hydrotherapy jets, ensures you will not lack the best of modern spa design.

The series five round model has some quality features with regards filtration and energy efficiency. There is a 2 stage pursezone filtration system, Purezone UV sterilising system & CD Ozone water clarifying system. This is above average spec for a hot tub meaning you need only limited chemicals to keep the shell clean.

Cabinet colour Natural wood for stock.

Celtic Spas
Delivery :
(Dia)215 x (H)92 cms
  • ITEM Displayed in Newport Store - Check Prior To Visit
Estimated Delivery Time:
1 - 2 Weeks
25 Stainless Steel Jets
2 Pumps
5 - 7 Adults
Water Capicity:
1480 Litres
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  • FREE Steps & Thermic Cover
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  • 5 Years Guarantee



Thermobond shell construction

4 layer thermobond shell construction in the manufacturing of all of their spa shells.
The shells are oven cured to ensure the correct bonding of the various layers. This is a crucial step that is missed by most manufacturers due to its additional cost.

10 Year Non Pro rata Structural Warranty & 5 Year Shell Warranty

Offered with a 10 year 'non pro-rata' cabinet structure warranty plus 5 year shell warranty. This means that if the spa's shell cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 5 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.

High Density Lid

As heat rises, most of the heat loss in a spa occurs through the spa's cover. As such, it is important that the spa's cover is manufactured from a high density foam that has better heat retention properties.

These hot tubs use a high density foam insert which is also heat shrink sealed to prevent water ingress, prolonging the cover's life.

Variable Output Heater

This means when the spa's jet pump is turned on, the heater turns DOWN rather than OFF. This has the benefit of maintaining the spa's temperature while you are using it, rather than cooling it down.

5 Year Plumbing, Heater & Jet Warranty

The plumbing system of this spa is warranted against leaking for 5 years.

The heater and jets are warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty

The circulation pump, jet pump(s) and electronic control system of this spa are warranted against defects for 2 years.

Flexible PVC Plumbing

In order to eliminate the chance of kinks in the plumbing and to prolong life, we use a flexible PVC plumbing material called Duraflex. This is a flexible tubing that incorporates a spiral of rigid PVC. Unlike the tubing used by many manufacturers, Duraflex plumbing is specifically designed for hot, chemically treated water and carries a 5 year no leak guarantee.

UV Sterilizer

Using the power of ultra-violet light, the Water Sterilizer kills 99.9% of virus and bacteria. Giving you the safest possible spa pool water.

Ozone Water Clarifier

The Water Clarifier uses ozone technology to oxidize and destroy organic material 24/7. It helps keep water clear and clean and keeps operating costs to a minimum.

Purezone Filtration

This filtration system is unique. At its core is a 5 micron disposable filter cartridge. This is the same membrane used in many drinking water filtration systems.

Insulated Base

The insulated base works in tandem with the perimeter insulation to ensure the cold is kept out and heating costs are reduced.

Affordable Luxury Wellness Products

Superior quality, reliability and ease of use is what drives the high-end spa design popularity.

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