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Reasons To Buy Celtic Spas Hot Tubs From George Street Furnishers

Thermobond shell construction

4 layer thermobond shell construction in the manufacturing of all of their spa shells.
The shells are oven cured to ensure the correct bonding of the various layers. This is a crucial step that is missed by most manufacturers due to its additional cost.

10 Year Non Pro rata Structural Warranty

Offered with a 10 year 'non pro-rata' shell structure warranty. This means that if the spa's shell cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 10 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.

High Density Lid

As heat rises, most of the heat loss in a spa occurs through the spa's cover. As such, it is important that the spa's cover is manufactured from a high density foam that has better heat retention properties.

The Mercury uses a high density foam insert which is also heat shrink sealed to prevent water ingress, prolonging the cover's life.

Variable Output Heater

This means when the spa's jet pump is turned on, the heater turns DOWN rather than OFF. This has the benefit of maintaining the spa's temperature while you are using it, rather than cooling it down.

5 Year Plumbing, Heater & Jet Warranty

The plumbing system of this spa is warranted against leaking for 5 years.

The heater and jets are warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty

The circulation pump, jet pump(s) and electronic control system of this spa are warranted against defects for 2 years.

*Please consult your local store for complete warranty details

Timber-free frame

Permaframe construction is a timber-free framing system that is impervious to rot, mildew or vermin damage. Produced used high impact, injection molded plastic, it is designed to last indefinitely.

Flexible PVC Plumbing

In order to eliminate the chance of kinks in the plumbing and to prolong life, we use a flexible PVC plumbing material called Duraflex. This is a flexible tubing that incorporates a spiral of rigid PVC. Unlike the tubing used by many manufacturers, Duraflex plumbing is specifically designed for hot, chemically treated water and carries a 5 year no leak guarantee.

UV Sterilizer

Using the power of ultra-violet light, the Water Sterilizer kills 99.9% of virus and bacteria. Giving you the safest possible spa pool water.

Ozone Water Clarifier

The Water Clarifier uses ozone technology to oxidize and destroy organic material 24/7. It helps keep water clear and clean and keeps operating costs to a minimum.

Purezone Filtration

This filtration system is unique. At its core is a 5 micron disposable filter cartridge. This is the same membrane used in many drinking water filtration systems.

Insulated Base

The insulated base works in tandem with the perimeter insulation to ensure the cold is kept out and heating costs are reduced.

Dual lounger seats

The Mercury is a true hydrotherapy spa. It features two loungers equipped with expertly placed hydrotherapy and air jets that soothe and massage your whole body. As the loungers are always in high demand, the Mercury has two, so they can be enjoyed together.

Individual seat pressure controls

Just as some people like a firm mattress and some prefer soft ones, the Mercury allows you to adjust your jet pressure. The Mercury has individual jet pressure control for each seat to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Neck therapy collar

The Mercury's neck therapy collar is specifically designed to target the common tight spots around the neck and shoulders. 4 powerful 50mm hydrotherapy jets are embedded in the collar to target from above your neck and shoulders.

Tranquil water feature & Aromatherapy System

The Tranquil water feature gives your spa a relaxing feel with a gentle back lit water cascade. This water feature runs of the filtration pump, so it can be left running while your spa is not in use- turning it in to a garden water feature.

Illuminated Topside Controls

Another thoughtful touch on the Mercury is that the topside controls, which alter water and air flow, are illuminated. This makes them easy to locate at night and adds to the separate LED lights that illuminate various parts of the Mercury.